Thanks for inviting me into your life!

I’ve been crocheting for one year, which isn’t a lot of time. Obviously, I have a lot to improve upon. That’s why I started this blog.

I’m inviting you to come along and crochet with me. Point out what I’m doing well. Point out my mistakes. Tell me what works well and what doesn’t work well.

Crocheting means joining a long and large community of people who find solace in yarn. There’s plenty of others out there who have been crocheting for much, much longer than me and have all sorts of tricks up their sleeve. I want to hear from you, dear reader, and what mistakes you’ve made, how you’ve recovered, and how you’ve learned from those mistakes.

I’d like to make this a safe space where we can feel comfortable sharing our projects, for the better or worse! And maybe we can learn a thing or two along the way.

Thanks for reading!


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