July 19, 2015 by aswecrochet

I finished my first ever doily yesterday and I’m really pleased with the results.

Red Doily

This was a free pattern from Pierrot and really easy. It was also my first time following a chart design only and I’m glad I could follow it with no issues (outside of me not paying attention, but that’s another story). Following crochet symbols only opens up a whole new sphere of options for designs and projects, although I feel skeptical if I would be able to follow garment directions from symbols only.

Anyway, yes, I did make mistakes. I assumed that the first four rows of the pattern would repeat and that I could keep enlarging it to whatever size I wanted. And I was wrong. So I crocheted my little heart out only to discover it curling and no amount of blocking will fix that.

I unwound until I felt comfortable and then followed the pattern as directed. The lesson here is that I thought I’d be saving time by not looking at the pattern and assuming it would follow the first four rows, but ended up using more time since I had to unwind.

This works up super fast, about two or three hours. I used Malabrigo yarn (my favorite) in sock weight. I also discovered that crocheting doilys in this weight is a good way to conserve yarn (which I’m always looking for).

I was going to turn this piece into a shallow bowl but I think I’m going to ship it off to my grandma instead. She crochets, so I think she’d appreciate the simple stitches coming together in a beautiful pattern.

Red Doily Edge

3 thoughts on “Doily

  1. Cheyanne says:

    I’ve never made a doily but I made about 100 crocheted snowflake ornaments one year. It was exciting and relaxing without being too monotonous. I loved making them! I’m sure your grandmother will love this. ๐Ÿ™‚


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