Raglan Update, Crochet Animals, and Review of Edward’s Menagerie


July 17, 2015 by aswecrochet

So, I’ll admit something: I have a bad habit of starting something and then dropping it. Like this blog. But when I logged into my email account and saw so many people following and stuff, I felt good. So here I am.

I do have a raglan jacket update: I had to pull out everything again and start over. That was aggravating. But I’ve learned the following:

  • Tension matters. I originally had the tension way too tight and the hook way too small. The result was this stiff mess that curled up and wouldn’t drape normally. I have since went back to my looser stitch and the drape is one hundred times better.
  • I need to build in the stitches to skip when making sleeves. Previously I was skipping half the stitches for the sleeves and then crocheting an equal number of the foundation single stitch to build out the sleeve. I have since learned that I have to build in all the sleeve stitches I’m going to skip as whatever I crochet will be the underarm.

Only two lessons I learned, but two lessons that made the world of a difference. Right now the raglan jacket is sitting in a corner as I need to buy some more yarn. (I thought one pound would be enough, but garments for myself are usually half pound of yarn. For other people, like a man who wants a really large jacket, more yarn is needed.)

So what else have I been working on before I shell out $100 for some more yarn? Animals of course! I picked up a copy of Edward’s Menagerie at Michael’s craft store a few months ago and have since been addicted to the animal patterns.

Elephant and Alpaca

Elephant and Alpaca

The patterns are super easy to follow and all share similarities. They all use the single stitch only (and chain stitches for fur and tails) start off as basic increases in the round. The legs and hands are the same for all (except for a few exceptions, like the elephant, who needed bigger legs and hands and thus had a few more increases).

Sheep and Bunny

Sheep and Bunny

And then there’s fun additions like using chain stitches to create fur. This was done by chaining eight and single stitching back to the body. This used lots of yarn, but it’s super cute.



And some tails are stuffed so they can stand up. Legs and arms are stuffed half way so the animals become more cuddly.

For all of these I used Eco Alpaca yarn from Cascade Yarns in natural colors. The animals have a more authentic look and they’re cuddly for babies and worry-free for parents who don’t want lanolin upsetting sensitive skin.

Each animal took about three hours time, which isn’t too bad. Maybe even less. I usually make the animals when watching TV.

Kerry is coming out with a bird book in September. I’m very excited to start crocheting owls, eagles, and penguins.

Thanks for reading!


3 thoughts on “Raglan Update, Crochet Animals, and Review of Edward’s Menagerie

  1. Cheyanne says:

    Love these! I’m working on a crocheted teddy bear (for the first time!) I’m stuck at safety eyes but maybe I will just embroider the eyes instead so I can move on (and not buy anything new). 🙂


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